Case Study: Mysteryland

Make it Social have partnered with PayLogic to bring social booking to festivals around the world.

The Challenge

Groups of friends go en masse to music festivals, where they revel in the energy and excitement with hundreds to thousands of like-minded souls. These are the events that people mark on their calendar every year and eagerly anticipate returning to again and again. They are unique as the enjoyment doesn’t just come from the time spent at the festival, but the whole experience. That includes the preparation, the journey to and then the weeks that follow, where stories of the event are regaled and remembered by those who were lucky enough to be part of the experience.

However, music festivals are becoming increasingly difficult to organise. In part, this is due to their unprecedented popularity; more festivals = more competition for capturing an audience. That’s why any competitive edge in this industry is extremely valuable to festival organisers.

Even though festivals are social events conventional ticketing platforms are designed around an individual buyer. By using traditional ticketing methods, festival organisers are missing out on innovative new ways of marketing and retailing their tickets to social groups and also missing out on troves of customer data while making their booking experience unnecessarily complex and frustrating.

PayLogic worked together with Make it Social to deliver social checkout for their client Mysteryland.

About Mysteryland

Mysteryland is a popular electronic music festival in The Netherlands. Launched in 1993, the festival has a an excellent reputation among festival goers. With a unique atmosphere and unrivalled line up of DJ’s, bands and attractions, Mysteryland is one of the trailblazers among European festivals.


Some years ago, to aid ticket sales and enable early-bookings, Mysteryland created the concept of ‘Prrrlybird’.

Prrrlybird is a ticketing option that encourages prospective festival-goers to book their tickets early in order to receive a number of incentives at the festival. To aid this concept, PayLogic approached Make it Social in order to improve the booking experience for Mysteryland group ticket buyers, while providing the festival with more customer data.

early bird

The Solution

Make it Social seamlessly embedded its innovative social booking technology onto the Mysteryland webpages in order to encourage social booking and give Mysteryland the competitive advantage of having access to more customer data.

Aside from providing a powerful marketing tactic, Make it Social’s invitation system enabled each group member to enter their own details and complete his or her own purchase. As group members began to confirm their attendance, the P-2-P sales cycle meant that pre-sale tickets sold rapidly. Group members were privy to which of their friends were attending the festival, which supplied them with the extra incentive to also get involved.

Ultimately, the MiS social booking solution enabled a genuine social experience for attendees, while Mysteryland gained an important competitive edge over other festivals and collected more customer data than ever before. That’s because:

People want to attend festivals together!

The invitations sent out by group leaders achieved an acceptance rate of 30%; which is much higher than any other email conversion rate in a similar category. The invitation to booking rate was similarly high at 26%. We attribute this to the personal nature of Make it Social’s invitations.

15% of the total Prrrlybird tickets sold came through the Make it Social platform, from which 69% of these sales were completely new data points for Mysteryland.


Acceptance rate


Prrrlybird tickets came trough MiS


New data


We sent out a bespoke email to people who had previously attended Mysteryland, to encourage them to explore the MiS social booking platform. This email also delivered on conversion rates, with 16.3% of recipients opting to Make it Social.

Seamless Combination

MiS have innovated our social booking service to fit seamlessly onto the website of any of our clients, in order to give the consumer confidence that they are dealing with an officially approved ticketing partner.

As Mysteryland takes place in The Netherlands, MiS provided the service in two languages: Dutch and English. Customers selected their chosen language at the top of the site and the Make it Social section changed the User-Experience accordingly. In fact, we can translate into almost any language.


Mysteryland's own experience of using Make it Social was a resounding success! Seeing the competitive edge that our technology gave to Mysteryland encouraged other prominent festivals to get in touch. Due to the observed success of Make it Social, they wanted a part of the action too.

We caught up with the Mysteryland guys to ask them how they felt about the whole experience:

Why did you go with Make it Social:

We know our customers like to bring their friends but have a pain of buying tickets for them. Make it Social looked like it would make it simple for our customers to engage their friends to buy tickets.

What was the process like:

Working with the guys was really easy and the process to go live was pain free thanks to the integration with Paylogic. Throughout we were given regular updates as to how it was going.

All in all would you recommend others to use Make it Social:

For sure. We benefited from using Make it Social and we’re looking into using it again next year. The guys are working hard on their technology and I'm sure it will continue to get better and better. We'll benefit from more customer data captured at the purchase point. It also opens up marketing opportunity for us - we ran a 'largest group wins' competition which was awesome.