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what is make it social?

With make it social, booking experiences with friends is simple. Our tech is being used by major theatres, stadiums and festivals across the UK to facilitate group bookings and we’re now expanding to work with ‘unique experiences’.

what is ‘unique experiences’?

Users of make it social often ask us “hey, what else can we book in this way?!”. We direct them to more theatres, more sports, more festivals, etc. Now we want to open up the net a little further. We want to open up people’s local cities. We want to find and enable the booking of unique experiences for our users.

who is ‘unique experiences’ for?

If you’re a local business with an idea for an experience that would make for a fantastic morning/day/evening activity with friends then unique experiences is for you.Maybe you’re a bar with an incredible selection of Vodka for groups to sample; a salon perfect for a pre night out get together; or a gym with a new type of yoga perfect for a group. Whatever it is, we want to hear it.We know it’s only worth your while running the experience if you make money - so you set a minimum group size and the group leader has to find enough friends.

how it works?

For the businesses

Once you sign up to make it social, we’ll send a vidographer to help us promote your experience. We’ll list your experience on makeitsocial.com and you’re open for business. We’ll check in regularly. We’ll send you the booked customer information and the money - less our 20% commission (discounted to 10% if you promote us via social media).

For the customers

The customers will hear about the experiences through our combined marketing efforts. They’ll select an experience, a date, a time and then invite friends to join them - ensuring they hit the minimum group size. Each member ‘pre-pays’ for their own space and the leader ultimately finalises the group to confirm the booking. They then enjoy a unique experience with their friends.

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