Our Impact

While we’re not going to claim that turning a profit isn’t important to us (bills, etc) Make it Social has a key set of values which underpin everything that we do.

We’re all about connecting people. Not through a screen or interface, but in the real world. Real connections that encourage people to meet with friends to attend the cinema, a sporting event, a gig, or even take a holiday together. We want to have a big impact on people’s lives, but not by tying them to a computer but by putting their phones down and going out. This is what shapes our business: ’to make the world a truly social place’. And this is how we do it.

Our Guiding Principles

Making The Most Of Our Time

Seeing More Friends

Growing Deeper Friendships

Experience The real world

Making The Most Of Our Time

A key principle that we adhere to is ‘Time well spent’. For whatever reason you believe, we are given the gift of one life each, so shouldn’t we make the most of it?

We want our users to engage in the real world, offline. That means phones down! Most ‘social networks’ want to keep their users glued to, or even addicted to, their devices. This is immoral on so many levels and is leading to increasing levels of depression and loneliness. We’re different - we want people to go online to get offline.

We want to minimise the time spent online to organise, book and manage payments against the amount of time spent at the event booked. The greater the span between the two the happier we are.

Make real connections

Seeing More Friends

People have so many distractions in their lives that prevent them from going outside and having real experiences. As a result, people are finding less and less time for their wider friendship groups. Sure, plenty of people meet regularly with their nearest and dearest. But are they reticent to the idea of expanding their social horizons?

Perhaps this comes down to trust? When booking tickets to an event as a group, for instance, your average person can usually rely on their closest friends to pay them back (usually!) but they might be more reluctant to buy a ticket for a friend that they don’t know so well - if only because it can involve a significant upfront cost. Booking the Make it Social way avoids this potential problem as arranging tickets to an event only requires you to invite friends to attend, rather than pay for all tickets up front. This means there are no barriers to arranging a meet-up, as everyone pays for their own ticket and you still get them together.

How do we track this? We ask all our group leaders when they confirm the group “How many additional friends did you invite because of this social booking process?”

Feel anchored to the community

Growing Deeper Friendships

Friendships can deteriorate when they aren’t maintained. Although a person might have hundreds of friends online, how many of these could be described as true friends? We’re talking about the sort of friends that can be relied upon when needed - no questions asked.

The ‘Dunbar's Number’ suggest that most people have 5 intimate friendships and 15 friends that they can rely on for sympathy and support, however, how many friendships are these people losing through neglect?

We’re not claiming that all of our users will use social booking to maintain their close friendships, but we will strive to aid what is becoming an increasing problem.

Connect With People, Not Devices

We believe that Make it Social has a unique platform from which to have a major impact on people. Social media has evolved so much since its conception the ‘social’ aspect has been all but forgotten. It fights for our attention and tries to keep us glued to our devices—there’s nothing social about it. A battle rages on between these massive, well-funded media corporations for our attention spans, and unfortunately, they’re winning.

We want to change the perspective of tech companies as attention-grabbing, morally bankrupt perpetrators of addiction and offer a platform that will give back the joy of real life experiences with friends. Our goal is to create a real community in a world where technology only helps people to become increasingly lonely. Our tech will keep people connected and leave loneliness behind.