Discover More of the Benefits

See why companies turn to us for complete social booking solutions. Here is why Make it Social is the leading technology on the market:

We help you master split payments with our flexible and reliable Social PayTM payment gateway.

We increase your revenue by displaying up-sell options and letting consumers see what their friends purchased.

We support customer satisfaction with modern social checkout experience designed around groups.

We maximise your conversions with our P-2-P emails that achieve rates over 57%.*

We ensure that your integration is smooth by offering free consultations with our development and marketing teams.

We reinforce your brand by letting you customise the design and information seen by consumers.

Increase My Sales

Want to tap into the market of social bookings and become an innovator and industry leader? Make it Social technology gives you all the tools to do just that.

You can completely automate and fulfil group customer requests online from beginning to end because Make it Social integrates fully with your distribution systems.

Make it Social guides your customers directly to check-out by simplifying the request - confirmation process with clean and elegant design.

Our system drives the closure of your sale by sending reminders of the outstanding, unfinished plans.

We also help you decrease service costs by eliminating the indecision and back and forth communication with your representatives.

MiS intelligently shifts the responsibility of completion from your agents to the group leader and invitees of the event.

Our innovative tools also stimulate group growth with various discount tools producing Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Empower my Customers

Do you want to help consumers follow through with their social plans thus reaching a market? Make it Social can help you:

Provide various options to invite participants, either by email or text messaging.

Promote repeat customers by saving previous groups.

Allowing for separate secure payments.

Incorporate group seating arrangements.

Reward bigger groups with perks and discounts.

Offer a mobile friendly booking process.

Make the group planning more engaging and personalised by offering group naming and photo selection.

Explore the Technology

Do you want to join us at the edge of innovation?

Make it Social is a suite of technologies enabling live data integration, group creation on client's website, separate secure payments and P-2-P invitations. Here is what separates us from everyone else:

We provide simplified informational exchange - company-tailored, yet industry standardised.

We deliver multiple stand-alone, but cross-compatible APIs.

We have a robust data-structure exchange and independent REST APIs by using JSON rather than XML.

We aid availability and scalability by adapting a cloud deployment model.

We support clean code with separation between business and database logic.

We employ microservices architecture for easy and clean maintenance.